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March, 1883. - No. 78.


Appleton Chapel, 7.30 P. M. Rev. Brooke Herford, D. D., of Boston.

19. MONDAY.College Faculty. Meeting at University 5, 3.30 P. M.

English Readings. Chaucer's Clerk's Tale (concluded). The Franklin's Tale. Prof. Child. Sever 11, 7.30 P. M.

20. TUESDAY.Scientific Faculty. Meeting at University 5, 7.30 P. M.

Harvard Finance Club. "Fire as a Factor in the National Taxation." Mr. Edward Atkinson. Sever 11, 7.30 P. M.

21. WEDNESDAY.The Inspiration of the Scriptures. Prof. George T. Ladd of Yale College. Divinity Hall Upper Lecture Room, 12 M.

Lithology. Special subject: Basalt. Dr. Wadsworth. Museum of Comparative Zoology, 2 P. M.

Physiology and Hygiene. Special subject: The Importance of Rest and Sleep to Students and Men in Training. Prof. Sargent. Sever 11, 2 P. M.

Latin Readings. The Struggle with Turnus. Vergil's Aeneid, Book XII. Mr. C. P. Parker. Sever 11, 7.30 P. M.

22. THURSDAY.Prof. Ladd's Divinity Hall Lectures, continued as above.

Orchestral Concert. Boston Symphony Orchestra. Sanders Theatre, 7.45 P. M.

23. FRIDAY.Prof. Ladd's Divinity Hall Lectures, continued as above.

Harvard Total Abstinence League. Public meeting. Addresses by Hon. John D. Long and Rev. E. E. Hale, D. D. Sever 11, 7.30 P. M.

24. SATURDAY.Prof. Ladd's Divinity Hall Lecture, 9 A. M.

The fourth SENIOR FORENSIC will be due March 29.

JUNIOR THEMES.Theme IV. will be returned with criticisms on Tuesday, March 27, as follows: Gifford to McDuffie, at 2 P. M.; Mandell to Safford, at 2.30; Saunders to A. Thorndike, at 3; P. Thorndike to Warren, at 3.30; Webster to Wyeth, at 4.

Theme V. is due from Division A, March 20. Subjects: 1. Washington as a Military Commander. 2. The Style of the Letters of Junius. 3. Why are the Wages of Women lower than those of Men? 4. The New Tariff. 5. Is there such a thing as American Literature? 6. Journalism as a Profession. 7. Gentleman-farming. 8. A Metrical Translation of one hundred lines from any classic or foreign poet. 9. An Account of the Assassination of President Lincoln.

Division B. - The time for handing in Theme V. is postponed for this division until April 3.

SOPHOMORE THEMES.Division A. - Theme IV. will be returned to section 2 (C. F. Gilman to Winlock) Tuesday, March 20, as follows: Sub-section 1, C. F. Gilman to Hartshorn, at 2 P. M.; sub-section 2, Hazard to E. Howard, at 2.30; sub-section 3, Hoyt to Lenox at 3; sub-section 4, Lent to R. Petersen, at 3.30; sub-section 5, Puffer to Winlock, at 4.

Division B. - Theme IV. will be returned with criticisms to section 2 (Onativia to Young) Tuesday, March 20, as follows: Onativia to Seavy, at 2 P. M.; Shephard to Sutton, at 2.30; Swinscoe to Tylor, at 3; Wadsworth to Whiteside, at 3.30; Whitney to Young, at 4.

Those who have a conflict at any of these hours may come from 4.30 to 5.30.

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