The New Gen Ed Lottery System, Explained


Armed Individuals Sighted in Harvard Square Arraigned


Harvard Students Form Coalition Supporting Slave Photo Lawsuit's Demands


Police Apprehend Armed Man and Woman in Central Square


107 Faculty Called for Review of Tenure Procedures in Letter to Dean Gay



The following is the Dartmouth nine; Thomas, '84, c.; Grey, '83, p; Hale, '84, 1b.; Chellis, '85, 2b.; G. Nettleton, '84, 3b.; Cushman, '83, s.s. (captain); Springfield, '84, l.f.; Coombs, '83, and Douglass, '84, r.f.

Class day at Harvard comes June 22d this year, and several swell spreads have already been arranged. The graduating class includes a large number from Boston, and an unusually brilliant class day is looked for. - [Gazette.

A petition is being circulated among the graduates of Phillips Exeter Academy now in the freshman class, requesting the faculty to change the date of the Greek examination so as to permit their attendance at the centennial exercises.

Princeton succeeded in defeating an amateur nine from Philadelphia, Saturday, only by a score of 14 to 12, the Philadelphia nine having the lead, 12 to 10, until the ninth inning, when heavy batting by Wadleigh and Wilson saved the day for the collegians.

The Princeton lacrosse team defeated a team from the New York Lacrosse Club, Saturday, 2 to 1, playing a strong offensive game throughout. The team was as follows : Egbert, '84, goal-keeper; Hodge, '83, point; Hewitt, '83, cover point; Gilmore, '83, Hall, '83, Ranney, '86, defense field; Blakemore, '86, centre; Traverse, '84. Rudd, '83, R. Hodge, '86, attack field; Poe, '84, first home; Riggs, '83, second home.

From interviews with prominent boating men in Harvard it seems that a great deal of interest is manifest to know what P. E. A. is doing on the water. Harvard is willing to send one of her representatives to teach the stroke, and the boat club should improve the opportunity. If once the stroke is learned it can be passed down to succeeding classes and thereby our men prove invaluable to Harvard, and create more enthusiasm here. - [Exonian.

The new building of the Columbia Law School has just been completed and is described as being a model in its way. Each professor has his private office and library, and the students are provided with large, well-ventilated and well-lighted recitation and lecture rooms. Great care and labor have been spent on the system of ventilation used. The building has been made as nearly fireproof as possible. The principal feature of the new school is the large and airy library therein, which is designed for all the departments of Columbia College as well as for the Law School.

The physical welfare of students is attracting more and more attention at our colleges. The advantages accruing from the employment of a physician to regulate the exercise of undergraduates and look after their condition have long been appreciated at Amherst, and the example set has been followed at Harvard. Questions relating to ventilation and sanitary arrangements of dormitories have excited of late years an interest formerly unknown. The older buildings at Harvard and Yale have suffered from the existence of defects which have been remedied as far as possible, although the perfect ventilation of recitation rooms remains in some of these structures an unsolved problem. But the newer buildings at these colleges and at Columbia embody the application of the best scientific knowledge to the securing of air, light, and satisfactory drainage. - [N. Y. Tribune.

The income of the class fund raised by each graduating class is used for printing the secretary's report, for the class dinners, which take place triennially, and, in short, for all the expenses of the class after graduation. The college fund goes to the unrestricted general fund of the college, which needs money sadly. The class fund of the present senior class is payable in five annual instalments, beginning May 1st, 1883. The college fund is payable in ten annual instalments, beginning June 1st, 1883. The following is the amount subscribed to the class fund by the last six senior classes : Class of '77 - total, $11,070; average, $65.63; class of '78 - total, $4,965; average, $62.06; class of '79 - total, $9,035; average, $48.84; class of '80 - total, $8,605; average, $48.34; class of '81 - total, $6,150; average, $48.04; class of '82 - total, $9,595; average, $63.96.

Yale students amuse themselves by setting off fire-crackers in the entries of the college dormitories. The faculty, strange to say, are displeased with such conduct on their part.

HIGH TEA.Timid and shy, is my modest love,

And sometimes cold to me;

But she's blithe and gay

As the month of May,

When she makes my evening tea.

Her bright face beams with a ruddy glow,

She hums in upper C,

Her cheeks so fair -

Britannia ware;

'Tis a kettle that makes my tea.

[Argo.TRIOLETS.This is a triolet -

So says the Rhymester,

Easy to write? You bet!

This is a triolet :

"Eight lines to rhymes set."

Write 'em like time, sir!

This is a triolet -

So says the Rhymester.


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