The entertainment by the Pi Eta Society tonight for the benefit of the Boat Club will consist of the comedy, "Papa Perrichon," and the farce, "That Rascal, Pat," together with singing by a quartette from the Glee Club. "Papa Perrichon" has been produced in this country only by the Boston Museum company, and it is by special permission of Manager Field of the Museum that it is here produced. The comedy is a sparkling play in three acts, representing the freaks and fortunes of Papa Perrichon on his journey through France to Switzerland and return. The following is the cast of characters:

Papa Perrichon Mr. C. M. Belshaw

Prosper Savounard Mr. Wm. T. Lord

Armand Desroches Mr. E. S. Jack

Colonel Bilboquet Mr. Wm. Barnes

Bouzival Mr. C. E. L. Wingate

Cartouche Mr. G. H. Heilbron

Isadore Mr. E. W. S. Tingle

Madame Perrichon Mr. J. W. Fox

Rosalie Mr. M. H. Cushing

News Agent, Ticket Agent, Porter, Guide, Passengers.

For "That Rascal, Pat:"

Pat Woggerty, a handy servant Mr. Belshaw

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