Harvard vs. Yale at New Haven today.

The boat house presented a deserted appearance yesterday.

Harvard, '86, vs. Brown, '86, at Providence this afternoon.

Game of lacrosse today between Harvard and Princeton on Jarvis, at 3 P. M.

Tickets for the freshman game can only be had of the manager at the Providence depot at 12.35 P. M. today and not at Bartlett's.


The Longwood and Harvard cricket clubs will play on the grounds of the former club, corner of Brookline and Longwood avenues, today, commencing at 2 o'clock.

The first ten of the Everett Athenaeum from '86 is as follows: Merriam, Thompson, C. M., Sanborn, Thompson J. M., Fletcher, Hobson, Luques, Rankin, Von Klenze, Ayars.

The following will play in the freshman nine against Brown today; Chamberlain, p.; Kimball, h.; Magill, a. Burnet, b.; Collins, c.; Edgerly, s.; Gardner, 1.; Austin, m.; Bruner, r.

The following nine play Yale today: Nichols, '86, p; Allen, '86, h; Smith, '86. a.; Lovering, '84, b.; Beaman, '85, c.; Baker, '84, s.; LeMoyne, '84, 1.; Nichols, '86, m.; Crocker, '85, r.

It is worthy of remark that four out of the five men who won prizes in the Boylston prize speaking, particularly those who received first prizes, have been prominent in athletics throughout their college course.

The final examinations in English 5 will consist of a theme on some subject taken from the life of Macaulay in the "English Men of Letter" series, or from the recently published life of George Eliot by Mathilde Blind. Members of the section are expected to read one of these books, and, if possible, in addition, the poems, essays or history of Macaulay or some work of George Eliot of an autobiographical nature, such as "Mill on the Floss," or "Scenes from a Clerical Life."

Dr. A. C. Perkins has resigned the principalship of Phillips Exeter Academy to accept the presidency of Adelphi College, Brooklyn, on a salary of $5,500 per annum. Dr. Perkins has been connected with Exeter Academy for eight years.

"As Columbia is virtually out of the race the struggle for the lacrosse championship will be between Yale, Harvard and Princeton," says the News. "The fight between these three will probably be very close with Yale's chances as good as her rival's."

At a meeting of the Pi Eta Society last night the following named officers were elected: President, Frank A. Mason; vice-president, Hollis Webster; secretary, Nath. C. Nash, Jr.; treasurer, Nath. S. Hunting; stage manager, J. H. McIntosh; chorister, Charles L. Holt; artist, C. R. Clapp.

A mysterious individual was observed yesterday morning busily engaged for a long time in holding up the trunk of the beech tree. It was generally supposed that the faculty had placed a guard over the venerable relic, but on consulting Jones this theory was found to be false. It is now feared that O'Dynamite Rossa has schemes against this pet of the college authorities through a mistaken opinion that it is an English oak.