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Probable Entries Next Saturday.


We present below a list of the probable entries at the inter-collegiate sports next Saturday from the principal colleges that will compete with Harvard.

COLUMBIA.100, 220 and 440 yards dash. - In these events Columbia will probably enter Value, '84, Derickson, '85, and Porter, '84. Value recently made the 100 in 10 4-5 sec. Derickson has records of about 10 2-5 at the 100 and about 23 sec. in the 220. At the recent Columbia games, he ran the quarter-mile in 59 3-5 sec.

In the longer runs. Mulford, '84, Appleby, '84, Taylor, '84, and Milhau, '85, will probably contest. Taylor made the mile recently in 5 min. 11 3-5 sec., while Appleby ran the half in 2 min. 13 1-5 sec.

Norris, '85, will enter for the mile walk. He had a walk-over in the recent Columbia games, making 8 min. 23 sec.

In the two-mile bicycle race Reed and Rood, both '84, will enter. Rood recently beat the best college record, riding the two miles in 6 min. 47 1/2 sec.

The hammer will be thrown by Porter, '83, and Bodleson, '84, Porter threw 87 ft. 3 1/2 in. at the Polo Grounds last year, and has the best record, 87 ft. 11 in.

Reckhart, '84; Fitzgerald, '84, and Bodleson, '84, will put the shot. Reckhart threw the shot 33 ft. 11 1/4 in. in the recent Columbia games.

The running broad jump will be contested by Mapes, '85, and Bodleson, '84, Bodleson recently made 18 ft. 6 in.

The running high jump. - Rapallo, '84, and Adams, '84, will contest in this event. Adams has made over 5 ft.

PRINCETON.For the 100 and 220 yards dashes, Fell, '84, and Griffiths, '86, will probably enter. Fell ran the 100 recently in 10 1/2 and the 220 in 23 4-5.

Coolidge, '84, and Hodge, '83, are Princeton's best men for the quarter-mile, but neither are much faster than 56 sec.

Coolidge won the half at the Stenton games in 2.12 3/4, and will probably run in that event.

Leavitt, '84, won the mile in good form in 4.51 at his college games. He is a new man and may do much better in New York.

Coyle, '84, recently walked the mile in 8.23 3-5 and Chester, '84, won the bicycle race on the same occasion in 8. 14 1/2.

Harriman, '83, will probably try the burdle-race, high jump and pole-vault. In these events he has records of 18 1-5, 5.6 and 9.11. Harriman, '85, will also go into the running high. He is about as good as his brother. Toler has the college record in the pole-vault, 10 ft. 1, made in the recent Princeton games. He stopped at this height only because the bar could be raised no more.

Fell is capable of beating 19 ft. in the running broad. Princeton will, no doubt, enter a strong tug-of-war team, and expects to win this event.

Peace, '83, has a record of about 77 ft. for the hammer and 33.6 for the shot. Adams, '86, has also thrown the hammer 75 ft. 7.

YALE.Brooks, '85, has records of 10 1-5, 22 3-5 and 50 2-5 for the three shorter distances. He therefore has the best college record for the 220 and the quarter. Colt, '85, will probably run in the 220, but he has made no very fast time. Smith, '83, is said to have run the quarter in the excellent time of 51 3/4 sec. Halsey, '83, has run the half in 2.6 1/4.

In the mile run at the recent Yale athletic meeting, Carr, '83, won in 4.47 without being pressed. At the same games Meredith, '85, won the mile walk in 8.48 1/2.

Porter, '84, threw the hammer 69 ft. 9 3/4 in. and Briggs, '85, put the shot 34 ft. 10 in.

Hamilton won the two mile bicycle race in 6.49 1-5 on the same occasion, beating , Maxwell, '85, by two seconds. Both of these performances closely approach the college record, 6.47 1/2. Yale appears to be without any good jumpers or vaulters.

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