Probable Entries Next Saturday.

We present below a list of the probable entries at the inter-collegiate sports next Saturday from the principal colleges that will compete with Harvard.

COLUMBIA.100, 220 and 440 yards dash. - In these events Columbia will probably enter Value, '84, Derickson, '85, and Porter, '84. Value recently made the 100 in 10 4-5 sec. Derickson has records of about 10 2-5 at the 100 and about 23 sec. in the 220. At the recent Columbia games, he ran the quarter-mile in 59 3-5 sec.

In the longer runs. Mulford, '84, Appleby, '84, Taylor, '84, and Milhau, '85, will probably contest. Taylor made the mile recently in 5 min. 11 3-5 sec., while Appleby ran the half in 2 min. 13 1-5 sec.

Norris, '85, will enter for the mile walk. He had a walk-over in the recent Columbia games, making 8 min. 23 sec.

In the two-mile bicycle race Reed and Rood, both '84, will enter. Rood recently beat the best college record, riding the two miles in 6 min. 47 1/2 sec.


The hammer will be thrown by Porter, '83, and Bodleson, '84, Porter threw 87 ft. 3 1/2 in. at the Polo Grounds last year, and has the best record, 87 ft. 11 in.

Reckhart, '84; Fitzgerald, '84, and Bodleson, '84, will put the shot. Reckhart threw the shot 33 ft. 11 1/4 in. in the recent Columbia games.

The running broad jump will be contested by Mapes, '85, and Bodleson, '84, Bodleson recently made 18 ft. 6 in.

The running high jump. - Rapallo, '84, and Adams, '84, will contest in this event. Adams has made over 5 ft.

PRINCETON.For the 100 and 220 yards dashes, Fell, '84, and Griffiths, '86, will probably enter. Fell ran the 100 recently in 10 1/2 and the 220 in 23 4-5.

Coolidge, '84, and Hodge, '83, are Princeton's best men for the quarter-mile, but neither are much faster than 56 sec.

Coolidge won the half at the Stenton games in 2.12 3/4, and will probably run in that event.

Leavitt, '84, won the mile in good form in 4.51 at his college games. He is a new man and may do much better in New York.

Coyle, '84, recently walked the mile in 8.23 3-5 and Chester, '84, won the bicycle race on the same occasion in 8. 14 1/2.

Harriman, '83, will probably try the burdle-race, high jump and pole-vault. In these events he has records of 18 1-5, 5.6 and 9.11. Harriman, '85, will also go into the running high. He is about as good as his brother. Toler has the college record in the pole-vault, 10 ft. 1, made in the recent Princeton games. He stopped at this height only because the bar could be raised no more.