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Shall There be a Fence Around Them.


EDITORS HARVARD HERALD: In regard to your editorial yesterday, concerning a fence around the new athletic grounds, it seems to me the wind will be taken out of the projectors' sails at once if the fence is to be abandoned. The great objection to Jarvis now is the very fact that two-thirds of the spectators are non-paying. It is, too, a very lamentable fact that very many students are among this crowd. It is to their disgrace. There may be a few who can't afford a quarter or a half-dollar, but at every game there are many outside who could well afford the price of admission, and it is much to their discredit that they choose to show such an example of meanness. No words can be too strong to denounce such conduct. The "mucker" element is a disgrace to our games. They are, to be sure, strong Harvard partisans; but they are insulting to the visiting teams, and a good high fence would serve a very useful purpose in keeping them out. It seems to me very unjust for the faculty to crowd our grounds into a little corner by buildings which occupy our best grounds, and then to say we must raise money ourselves to make a new one; but when we are not to be allowed to protect ourselves from outsiders it is manifestly unfair. Let us have the fence, and a good high one at that.


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