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Harvard, 3; New York University, O.


The University of New York and Harvard played the first game of the college championship series at Prospect park, Brooklyn, last Saturday, resulting in a decided victory for our own team, by the score of three goals to nothing. For the University of New York Thompson played goal; Pierce, point; Gerndt, cover-point; Kingsley (captain), Carpenter, Roberts, defence fielders; G. W. Skerry, centre; Pratt, Haskell, Tribus, attack fielders; Crossett and A. J. Skerry, homes. For Harvard Easton played goal; Rueter, point; Davis (captain), cover-point; Noble, Goodale, defence field; Williams, centre; Roundy, Hyland, Nichols, attack field; Marquand, Noyes, Woods, homes. Referee, Mr. Cottle of Yale.

Play was called at 3 P. M., and for half an hour a close and exciting contest followed. The New York team put forth all their strength at once, and soon, for the only time during the game, seriously threatened the Harvard goal. Home got the ball in front of goal, and made a shot for it, but threw high over the flags, and the game was soon carried back to the New York side.

After this New York was confined mostly to the defensive, and was repeatedly saved from defeat only by the exertions of the player at point, who successfully resisted the efforts of the Harvard homes to get the ball near the goal. At length a well-directed throw of Woods won the first goal for Harvard in thirty minutes.

In the second inning Harvard played much better than before, and continually forced the attack on her enemy's goal. After twenty minutes Marquand shot the ball between the posts, winning the second goal for Harvard. During this game two fouls claimed, one for each side, were allowed.

After five minutes play was called again. The third goal was taken for Harvard in short order by Nichols. Time, five minutes.

According to the new rules the playing was to last for one hour and a half, unless at the end of one hour one side should have taken three goals at least to their opponents' none. They had now played fifty-five minutes, and unless a goal was made by New York before the hour the game was Harvard's. New York, however, did not improve this last chance, and the hour ended just in time to save her from losing another goal.

The lacrosse team certainly has every reason to feel gratified over their victory. It is an assurance that they will do well in the harder work yet before them with Princeton and Yale. The game with Princeton comes off at Cambridge next Saturday, and, while it is one of the earliest of the series, yet will perhaps decide the championship. Princeton is our strongest rival, and has this year beaten New York University by he same score that Harvard made last Saturday.

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