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Some Criticisms Upon its Play.


Although the team is to be congratulated upon its success last Saturday, still it should realize that its play is far from perfect, and it should endeavor to make great improvement before meeting Princeton's fine team on the 10th. Our goalkeeper is probably the best college player in his position, but he should be quicker in gaining and throwing the ball. The three first men on the defence, Davis, Rueter and Noble, play a very fine game, although they sometimes play too far from the goal. Of the fielders, Machado plays excellently; he catches and throws well, and is clever at getting the ball from a crowd. Williams covers and body-checks well, but holds the ball too long, and is apt to miss good chances for passing. Goodale generally plays well, though he should be more careful in body checking and picking the ball up. If Nichols threw better he would be a remarkably fine player. Roundy is apt to use one hand and is a careless thrower. Marquand is uneven in his play at home and cannot always be depended upon. He body-checks and feints well, but holds the ball too long and likes to run down to the defence end of the field. Woods and Noyes are clever homes, but did not seem to dodge and throw for goal as well in Saturday's game as they usually do in practice.

Collectively, the team fail to cover well and to play a good joint game; the fielders check poorly and are careless in throwing and the homes fail to adapt themselves to the exigencies of a match. On the other hand, the defence is strong and the team catch well and play a persistent and vigerous game. It would be well for the players to practice the throwing feint, so common in Canada. The player feints at throwing under or overhand and escapes a check by quickly reversing his throw. Most of the team, however, use but one style of throw. The attack men especially should practice feinting, dodging and passing. If the team try hard to remedy their defects before the 10th, we think they can play an even game with the very strong team Princeton will send here next Saturday.

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