Yale vs. Amherst at Amherst, today.

Several rooms were drawn for yesterday.

The formation of a co-operative society at Yale is imminent.

T. P. Sanborn, '86, has been elected an editor of the Lampoon.

Yale freshmen are lectured in chapel by President Porter for their sins.


The number of candidates for the physical development prizes has diminished.

It is reported that the Princeton faculty have prohibited sparring at the college exhibitions.

Judge Foraker, the Republican candidate for governor of Ohio, is a graduate of Cornell, class of '69.

One of the first if not the first college gymnasium was at Bowdoin. It was established fifty-six years ago.

At the cremation of Calculus, at Rochester, Latin, Greek, German and French orations were delivered. - [Ex.

The board of visitors to the Naval Academy at Annapolis has selected R. T. Mills of Texas as commencement orator.

It would seem that after the directors of Memorial Hall have had a board erected to light matches upon, the practice of striking them upon the walls might be stopped.

At the recent sports at West Point two contestants are said to have made twelve feet in the pole vault. The jumping had to be stopped at this point on account of the height of the building.

The class photographs of '83, which were to be ready for delivery June 10, will not be ready till the early part of next week. Notice will be given in the HERALD when they may be obtained.

Governor Butler and stad will attend the commencement exercises at Williams College, Williamstown, on July 4. The college in 1864 conferred the honorary degree of LL. D. upon General Butler. The Governor will also be present on June 20 at the centennial celebration of Phillips Academy, Exeter, of which he is a graduate.