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School. Age 20 years, weight, 169 lbs., and height, 6 ft. 1-2 in.

No. 5-B. H. Whitbeck from Rochester, N. Y. Prepared at St. Paul's School where he rowed for two years on first crew Shattuck. Age 18 years, weight 160 pounds, and height 5 ft. 10 1-2 in.

No. 4-J. F. Perkins of Milton, Mass. Prepared at Milton Academy, and never rowed before he joined the fall Freshman crew. Age 18 years, weight 160 lbs., and height 6 ft.

No. 3. M. Donald (captain) of Brookline, Mass. Prepared at Roxbury Latin School, and has had no experience in rowing.

No. 2-F. R. Swift of New Bedford, Mass. Prepared at Milton Academy and rowed on the fall Freshman crew. Age 17 years, weight 162 lbs., and height 5 ft. 11 in.

Bow-B. H. Dibblee from Ross, California, Prepared at Groton School and has never rowed before. Age 19 years, weight 145 lbs., and height 5 ft. 8 in.

Coxswain-F. R. Plumb from Philadelphia. Weight 110 lbs.


J. B. Holden, Jr., of Boston, Mass. Prepared at Hopkinson School and never had any experience in rowing. Age 19 years, weight 166 lbs. and height 5 ft. 9 1-2 in.

G. D. Marvin of New Rochelle N. Y. Prepared for college with tutor. Rowed on New York Athletic Club's senior crew for two years. Age 22 years, weight 155 lbs, and height 5 ft. 11 in.

H. Sampson from New York City. Prepared for college with tutor, and rowed on the fall Freshman crew. Age 20 years, weight 141 lbs., and height 5 ft. 9 in.

The crew left for New York on the Fall River boat last night.

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