Tutoring in Freshman Physics and Analytics. T. 48.

Tutoring in Freshman Mathematics. A. S. Perkins, C. 41.

Found, on Holmes field, a stylographic pen. Apply at 39 Thayer.

Tutoring in Freshman Greek and Latin. A. L. Hall, '80, 7 Holyoke.

Tutoring in History, Political Economy and Roman Law. Wm. C. Wait, 28 Holyoke street.


To Let. - Rooms to let for the ensuing year, and transient board given for class day. Apply at 17 Story street.

For tutoring in History 1 or 9, Political Economy 1, or Freshman Mathematics, apply by mail or in person to Robert Luce, 54 Weld.

Highest cash price paid for cast-off clothing and furniture. Drop me a postal card and I will call at your room.

436 Harvard street.NOTICE TO SENIORS. - Furniture, pictures and other effects packed ready for shipment with the greatest of care, having had many years experience. A. Morgan, picture frames, etc., 906 Main street, near Beck Hall, Cambridge.

N. B. - Pictures and glass packed at my store.