Tutoring in N. H. 1, 2 and 4. W. H. Page, Hollis 16.

Tutoring in History 10 and 12. P. M. Keating, 6 Stoughton.

Tutoring in N. H. 1, 2. 4. T. C. Bachelder, '83, 16 Hollis.

Tutoring in N. H. 1 and 2. H. Webster, Wm. W. Nolan. 43 Holyoke.

Wanted - A good 52-inch bicycle. Must be ball-bearing. Apply at Weld 2.

Lost - Note book in Fine Arts IV. Finder will please return to 32 Thayer.

Tutoring in Freshman Greek and Latin. A. L. Hall, '80, 7 Holyoke.

Tutoring in History, Political Economy and Roman Law. Wm. C. Wait, 28 Holyoke street.

Tutoring in Freshman Chemistry, N. H. 2 and Phil. 2. Address Harrington, 12 Appian way.

A few copies of printed Notes in Chemistry I. can be obtained at half price ($2.00) at 3 Grays. These notes are valuable for those wishing a general knowledge of the subject as well as for a text book in course I.

Highest cash price paid for cast-off clothing and furniture. Drop me a postal card and I will call at your room.

436 Harvard street.