Erica Chenoweth and Zoe Marks Named Pfoho Faculty Deans


Harvard SEAS Faculty Reflect on Outgoing Dean, Say Successor Should Be Top Scholar


South Korean President Yoon Talks Nuclear Threats From North Korea at Harvard IOP Forum


Harvard University Police Advisory Board Appoints Undergrad Rep After Yearlong Vacancy


After Meeting with Harvard Admin on ‘Swatting’ Attack, Black Student Leaders Say Demands Remain Unanswered




The New York Herald says, editorially ; "The ease with which Harvard defeated the Columbia eight a few days ago-a crew that have demonstrated on other waters their excellence-and the overwhelming defeat which she has now administered to the Yale navy easily entitle her to the practical amateur championship of this country. * * A careful review of the race makes it clear that Harvard has at present a crew not alone the best in existence in American Amateur circles, but one that is superior to any she has had in years."

THE HOMES OF ENGLISH GRAMMAR.It is one thing to teach good grammar, and another thing to speak it. The President of one of our New England colleges, in a lecture delivered in this city last Sunday, said : "Here then is the consequences in the worst possible form of it." And again : "Not only is this so manifested as that philosophers see it." He also spoke of India as "a province that is not profitable except there shall be the cultivation of opinion." He was probably in a condition similar to that of the actor who knew his part so well that he forgot it.-[Ex.

The earliest authentic mention of the game of ball is by Homer, according to whom hand-ball was used coevally with the destruction of Troy. From the game of hand-ball came tennis, which in the sixteenth century became very popular. In the fourteenth century was introduced a large air-ball, to be beaten around with the first. This soon developed into the foot-ball. From tennis originated cricket, which in America has taken the from of base-ball.-Post.

The Harvard freshmen now pervade the Cambridge street cars. They can be identified easily at one thousand yards, and are as rapidly to be distinguished from the student who has had a year's acquaintance with the classic "Yard." The newcomers will catch the famous Harvard style, however, in a few months.-[Globe.

A senior officer at West Point has been dismissed for complicity in a hazing scrape.

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