Freshman Athletic Meeting.

The Freshman field meeting was held yesterday afternoon on Holmes Field, and brought out quite a large number of contestants. Although the records made in most cases were not very remarkable, still some very promising men appeared. The large number of entries gives evidence that '88 will not be behind former freshman classes in the interest taken in general athletics.

For the first event, thawing the hammer, there were four entries : R. T. Paine, C. Amory, M. Clyde, I. Thomas. The event was won by C. Amory, with a throw of 69 ft. 3 in. U. B. Lord and M. Thomas entered for the mile walk, which was won by the former, after a very close contest in 10 minutes. The 100-yards dash was a beautiful contest, and brought out some very fast runners. A. F. Holden, R. T. Paine, and F. Balch, entered for the first heat, and C. A. Porter and F. B. Lund for the second heat. The first heat was won by Holden, in the remarkably good time of 10 1-2 seconds with Paine second. The second heat was won by Porter in 10 3-5 seconds. In the final heat, Holden won in 10 2-5 seconds. Porter failed some way to get a good start, so did not run, much to the disappointment of the spectators, who expected a close and exciting race between him and Holden. The college is to be congratulated upon possessing two such promising sprint runners. The mile run was won by F. B. Dana, in 5 minutes 33 1-2 seconds, L. Sullivan being the only other competitor. Putting the shot was a walkover for C. H. Pennypacker, and so was the hurdle race for F. B. Lund. T. D. Davidson and A. F. Holden contested the quarter-mile run. Davidson ran in splendid form, winning in the time of 1 minute, Holden suddenly stopped running part way around, and so, for a second time, what promised to be an exciting contest was far from that. The 220-yards dash was a very well contested event. There were four entries. Balch, Porter, Lund and Holden, who led from the start, and reached the line in 24 5-8 seconds, Porter being a good second.

The running broad jump was contested by three men, U. R. Peck, D. C. Holder, and G. H. Brewer, Brewer jumped 17 ft. 6 in., and Peck 17 ft. 5 1-2 inches, the former thus barely winning the prize. H. D. Hale won the half-mile run in 2 minutes 24 1-2 seconds. Homans, his competitor, suddenly stopping when about halfway around on the second lap. In the mile bicycle race there were three starters, J. A. Bailey, F. S. Dean, and H. M. Paul. The riders kept in the order named until the last lap, when Dssed Bailey apparently with no exertion at all, winning the race in 7 minutes 27 seconds. Bailey rode a Star machine. It was so dark when the running high jump was called, that after a few attempts, the conclusion of this event was postponed until today at 2 P. M. The contestants, Honore and Bancroft, both failed at 4 ft. 11 in.

All winners in the freshman meeting must enter in the same events in the University meeting Saturday, in order to get their prizes.