Special Notices.

All notices published under this head except "Lost" and "Found" notices must be paid for before insertion.

To LET- No. 22 Thayer. Apply at Bursar's office, or address this office.

FOR SALE- St. Bernard pups. Those wishing to examine will please call at '78 Mt. Auburn st. at 12 M. today.

A student desires to purchase a few collections of postage or revenue stamps. Address P. O. Box 2, Cambridge, Mass.

LOST- A yellow leather valise. Will the gentleman who took it kindly return it to 17 Divinity Hall. No questions will be asked.

LOST- An overcoat, left on the steps of Matthews, at the photographing of '86, Monday afternoon. Please leave word with janitor of Weld.

LOST- An overcoat, which was left on the steps of, Matthews, when the class of '86 was photographed. Please leave word with janitor of Weld.

LOST- A banjo, (Dobson maker,) in a red flannel case. The finder will be rewarded by returning the same to 78 Mr. Auburn st., and no questions will be asked.

TO STUDENTS- A lady would like a club of about eight students to board; also, large furnished rooms to let near Cambridge Park. For particulars apply to MRS. TRIPP, 1 Winthrop square, Cambridge.

Mr. T. F. Martin will give instruction to Harvard students in club swinging and Juggling. His pupils have successfully competed in the winter meetings and other amateur exhibitions. Address, T. Martin, 22 Spark st.

J. F. Noera has leased the rooms above his store, formerly occupied by Peter Martin, tailor, He has refitted the place for the manufacture of athletic and tennis goods, and continues the old trade, pressing, cleansing, repairing and dyeing clothes. 436 Harvard street.