Fact and Rumor.

There will be a cut in English 9 on Monday.

Mr. W. B. Phillips, '86, has returned to college.

The mats in the transept at Memorial Hall are in a dilapidated condition.

Every member of last year's lacrosse team at Princeton, is in the college this year.

The University crew has discontinued rowing until after the Christmas recess.

The 'Varsity crew rowed down the river as far as the Union boat house a day or two ago.

All books must be returned to the Library, before their holders leave Cambridge for the vacation.

The "general excellence cup" may not be given this year at the winter meetings of the H. A. A.

In spite of the snow Wednesday afternoon, the University crew took its accustomed row on the river.

George Goldie, who has instructed the Princeton students in the gymnasium for several years, has resigned his position.

Professor Goodale lectured before the Boston Natural History Society on Wednesday. His lecture related to protoplasms.

Several gentlemen, presumably freshmen, fail to observe the rules of the reading room of the library, in respect to loud conversation.

The Columbia 'Varsity crew will not go into training until after the Christmas holidays. There is promise of an excellent eight.

A great number of students from the West will take the opportunity of going home, offered them by the great reduction in rates.

The second seven of the Signet from '86, is composed of the following men: Bigelow, Bolster, Hight, S. D. Richardson, S. R. Snow, Weed and White.

A graduate of the class of '84, has given Prof. John Williams White a thousand dollars toward the fitting up of his rooms in Sever to illustrate the Greek courses.