Fact and Rumor.

Cuts in History 2 and 11, Saturday.

Cuts and cutting are in order to-day.

Attendance at recitations and prayers last Saturday was very small.

A number of men will remain in Cambridge during the recess.

Vinton, Yale '88, has signed to play with the Philadelphia nine next season.

The Mott Haven men who are trying to put the shot practice in the cage,

"On account of the cold," instead "on account of a cold," is the wording of excuses for prayer cuts now.

The next edition of the DAILY CRIMSON, will be on Monday, the fifth day of January.

All the societies held their Christmas festivals on the last three evenings of last week.

The record made by the Technology eleven during the past fall was four defeats and one victory.

A magnetic observatory for delicate experiments in magnetism, is to be built at Cornell University.

The Technology has only four days of vacation at Christmas; but this is three days more than formerly.

Oxford and Cambridge Universities have each two trial eights in training for their annual race.

The Saturday hours in German 1 have of late been made very interesting by short talks on the life of Bismark by Dr. Francke.

Some of the freshmen have started the unpleasant trick of applauding class mates who come late in the rhetoric lectures.

In the Columbia library the electric lights can be used at any time of day if any corner is too dark to read in without.