H. A. A.

Entries for the winter meetings can be made to F. S. Parker, 44 Matthews, between the hours of 10, 12 and 2, 4, on Tuesday, the 11th; 2, 6 on Wednesday, and 4, 6 and 7, 10, on Thursday. Entries for the first meeting will close at 10 P. M., on Thursday, March 13th. All entries must be accompanied by the fee of one dollar, which will be refunded if the event is competed for.

The attention of those who intend to compete in the winter meetings is called to the following athletic regulation: 3. No student shall enter as a competitor in any athletic sport, or join any college athletic club as an active member, including lass-ball, foot-ball, cricket, lacrosse and rowing associations, without a previous examination by the director of the gymnasium and his permission so to do.

The names of the winners of the Development prizes will be announced at the meeting on Saturday, March 29th. Candidates must be examined before Wednesday, the 26th, and appointments for examination will be made in order of application. The books are now open at the office in the gymnasium.

R. D. SMITH, JR., Sec'y H. A. A.