It was at first thought best to postpone yesterday's shoot, but so many disappointments bad been met with in holding matches that it was determined to hold a practice meeting instead of giving up the meet altogether. The Walnut Hill cup match was not shot, owing to the small number of men present. The following is the summary :

Match 1. 25 clay pigeons, 16 yards rise ; 5 angles. First, Slocum; second, Allen; third, F. Austin.

Match 2. 25 glass balls, 18 yards rise; 5 angles. First, Slocum; second, Allen; third, Palmer.

Mr. Palmer arrived late, and was unable to shoot a full score in the matches. Mr. Slocum, in the second match, broke 24 balls out of 25.

The club will meet at Watertown next Thursday, when the sixth competition for the cup will be shot.