The Yale Athletic Association has $231 in its treasury.

Mr. C. C. Felton has resigned from the Lampoon.

The freshmen play at South Braintree on Saturday next.

Professor A. S. Hill lectures this fore noon on "Thomas Carlyle."

Professor Newton has resigned his position as director of Yale observatory.

Brooks, of Yale, is said to intend to tower the 220-yard record at the coming inter-collegiate games,

Dr. McKenzie will tonight continue his reading of Pilgrim's Progress at Shepard Memorial Chapel.

The translation of Thucydides will take the place of the regular Tuesday lecture in Greek 7, today.

The first game with the Beacons will be played on Wednesday, at 4 o'clock. They will present a very strong nine.

Columbia's Mott Have team have made great improvements lately so that they consider their prospects quite bright.

It is reported that an inter-collegiate tennis tournament will be held at Hartford on May 6th. It seems a very early date; it has only been possible to play here in Cambridge for the last few days on account of the rainy weather.

Owing to the unusual press of matter, we were obliged to omit the report of the sophomore dinner from our Monday's issue.

Mr. A. B. Hart, proctor of the south entry of Thayer, has been transferred to Mr. Sheldon's former room in Hollis.

The Forest and Stream will next year offer a $100 cup for inter-collegiate shooting. The conditions to be announced later.

The Oxford-Cambridge field meeting of this year promises to be of unusual interest, as some very promising men are in training at both universities.

Colonel Thomas L. Livermore will tonight lecture before the Historical Society, this lecture being the last of the course. Subject: "The Northern Volunteer."