There will be no recitation in French 8, tomorrow.

Scrub nines are now becoming popular.

Blue books are due in all courses for the coming examinations.

Mr. Dyer conducted the recitation in Greek 3, yesterday.

There will be an hour examination in French 3, at 9 this morning.

The Wesleyan Glee Club will sing in Tremont Temple, on June 2nd.

The freshman will play the university nine at 4 P. M. this afternoon on Jarvis field.

The last meet of the Shooting Club will be held at Watertown, tomorrow.

There will be a half-hour examination in Greek 7. at 12 today, on the translation of Thucydides.

Mr. Briggs will tomorrow speak on the proper choice of English courses, in Sever 11, at 11 A. M.

The examination in French 8 will consist of two passages, one from L'Idee de Jean Teterol; the other, at sight, from Cherbuliez.

Mr. LeMoyne has made a most successful first baseman. In the two games he has played that position he has put out 20 men, with one error.

The telegram received from the manager of the Yale nine last night, removes the last obstacle to the playing of the freshman series of ball games. Last year the '86 nine won the second game of the Yale series, and this year the '87 men ought to try to surpass '86's record.

Prof. Paine desires to state that the announcement in the elective pamphlet concerning Music 3 is incorrect; no technical knowledge of music is required for that course.

Professor Bocher will meet all students who desire to consult him about the selection of French courses in Sever 23, from 8.30 to 10 A. M. every day until June 2nd; or at his house, at 3 P. M., until the above date.

The nine received the same cordial and hearty reception form their Princeton friends that has been given to them in years past, and which has made the trip to Princeton the pleasantest event of the base-ball season.