Yale plays Princeton tomorrow in New York.

The Yale crew goes to New London today.

The Hasty Pudding holds its strawberry night at 8 this evening.

The Harvard-Columbia boat race occurs today on the Thames at 6 P. M.

The yard was enlivened yesterday by the music of the Odd Fellow's parade.

The freshman crew takes its last row on the Charles this afternoon at about 5 o'clock.

The blue-book in Philosophy 1 will be returned, with the marks, in University.

A freshman who succeeded in writing the whole of yesterday's German paper is a great rarity.

All notices for tomorrow's issue (class day) must be left at this office before 2 P. M., today, to insure insertion.

Yale added another to her list of championship victories by defeating Brown yesterday by a score of 9 to 6.

The governor will be escorted to Cambridge, at Commencement, by the Boston Lancers in full red uniform.

Mr. C. F. Nirdlinger, a former editor of the Harvard Herald, has joined the staff of the Saturday Evening Gazette.

Columbia, Lehigh, Wesleyan, and the University of Pennsylvania have all sent applications for admission to the Intercollegiate Tennis Association, which will be discussed at the convention soon to be held.

It is expected that the exercises at the tree this year will be made more interesting by the regulations proposed by the class day committee.

The attention of students is again called to the regulation of the college library requiring all books to be returned before vacation.

E. A. Clark, '84, and C. P. Curtis, L. S., have coached the freshman crew since the departure of Col. Bancroft for New London.

The officers of the Signet for the ensuing year are as follows: President, E T. Sanford; secretary, L. Litchfield; treasurer, H. D. Arnold.

The mark alloted to each question in the examination paper in Natural History 2, was printed in the margin opposite the several questions.

The Yale class day programmes consist of pieces of cardboard deftly fastened together by a piece of blue ribbon, tied in a bow on the front. On the center of the front gage in very tasty and attractive form are the words "Yale '84," and below the words "Class Day," followed by the date. Inside are the programmes for both the morning and afternoon exercises, with the place and time at which they are held.