The London Academy reprints our list of the "Forty Immortals."

The class orders will be ready to deliver at Pach's studio, today, at 9 A. M.

The members of the Pi Eta will give their Graduate's night theatricals this evening.

The annual regatta of the Yale Yacht Club, sailed last week, was very successful.

Yard tickets were given out to the sophomores at the Rhetoric examination, yesterday.

N. H. 2. Blue books and marks will be returned at the museum at 2 P. M., today, June 19.

There will be a meeting of the Canoe Club this morning, for the election of officers for the ensuing year.

Mr. E. M. Gill, '84, is the regular sporting, rowing and yachting correspondent of the New York Herald, from Boston.

Amherst may fairly expect to win third place in the championship list, as her chances of winning the Dartmouth game seem to be excellent.

The Yale Scientific Seniors were rather noisy at their supper last night. Considerable crockery was crushed and a rough time is reported. [New Haven Union.

Mr. Lane will return the marks in Analytic Geometry Thursday, at 9 A. M. in U. 19. The marks will be sent by postal card, if addressed cards are left at Stoughton 16.

The Yale crew while at New London will board at Latham Brown's, Gales Ferry. All the crews that are to race at New London will arrive there this week or next.

The rooms assigned to the freshman Latin examination are as follows: Mr. Parker's sections, Advance I Mass. 3, 1 and 2, 5 and 6, Mass. 1; Mr. Preble's sections, Advance II, Sever 37, 3 and 4, Sever 35, minimum section, Sever 37; conditioned men go to Sever 35.

The '84 and '85 members of the O. K. will play a game of ball today at 2.30 P. M. As the '84 nine has shown remarkable improvement during the last few days, it is hoped that the '85 nine will not have too easy work in disposing of their older opponents.

The News says, speaking of last Saturday's game: "This game gives Dartmouth the last place in the list and puts Harvard in a position where even if Yale is undefeated until the game at Cambridge the championship can then be made a tie, in which case, Harvard may reasonably be confident of winning first place."

The standing of the college nines to date is as follows: