Fact and Rumor.

Colby rejoices in the possession of two lone co-eds.

The forensics of juniors and seniors are marked on a scale of ten.

Bremner, '86, the base ball player, has rejoined his class at Yale.

Mr. Chase, '82, a former editor of the Harvard Herald, is now in town.

The captain of the 'varsity crew of '57 was in the rowing-room on Tuesday afternoon.

Mr. Gosse's lecture at Yale was on the subject "Classicists who followed Shakespeare."

Dr. Sargent took part in the "tumbling" exercises at the gymnasium yesterday afternoon.

C. T. Libby, '86, has left college. He expects to obtain a position on a New York religious weekly.

Several students who finish their examinations this week, are planning a trip to attend the ice carnival at Montreal.

The fancy tumbling in the gymnasium gives promise of some good exhibitions of the art at the third winter meeting.

Mr. Curtis, L. S. kindly consented to coach the senior and junior crews yesterday afternoon, at the request of the captains of those crews.

During the semi-annuals, when the attendance is necessarily somewhat irregular, both squads of the H. A. A. work together in the gymnasium.

There is a letter in the Nation of last week on the method of instruction of the late Prof. Eustis, which will be read with interest by all his former pupils.

T. Q. Brown, '88, weight 96 pounds, and T. T. Baldwin, coxswain of the '86 class crew, are candidates for the position of coxswain of the University crew.

This is the way some of our unfeeling contemporaries describe our great petition for us. "The petition for voluntary non-attendance at prayers of the Harvard students."

The examination in Chem. 2 will be in room 13. Boyston Hall. Men are requested to stop at room 8 a few minutes before ten o'clock, and take their blowpipe apparatus up stairs.

The university crew was the only one which ventured to run up the avenue yesterday afternoon. As the side walks most of the way had not been shoveled, the snow was very deep.

The Christian Brethren have a Bible Class every Sunday afternoon, from 1.45 to 3 o'clock. The committee consists of J. C. Gray, '87, Kalopathakes, '88, Carrier, '85, and W. B. Noble, '85.

Prof. Baird U. S. Fish Commissioner, has presented a valuable collection of marine invertebrates to the Natural History department of Trinity. The collection numbers nearly two hundred specimens.