Senior Class Meeting.

In response to the call of President Barnes, about one hundred seniors gathered in Boylston Hall, last evening. The meeting was called to order about 8 o'clock, and the election of officers for the ensuing year was announced as the first business. Messrs. W. S. Barnes, J. H. Huddleston, and A. P. Gardner were re-elected president, vice-president and secretary, respectively. Mr. Codnan was the choice for captain of the crew; Mr. Burnett, captain of the nine; and Mr. Littauer, captain of the eleven. It was voted to elect a committee to take charge of the election of class day officers, in accordance with the usual custom, i. e. the president, ex-officio, and one member each from the Hasty Pudding, Pi Eta and Signet, and one representative of the non-society men. Messrs. Vogel, C. M. Thompson, Merriam and Rogers, were selected to serve with the president, Mr. Barnes, on this committee. Messrs. Harrison, W. L. Allen and Harris were chosen to serve as the photographic committee.

Mr. Dewey, the treasurer of the crew, made the following report:-

Cash received, $584.92

Cash expended, 584.89


Balance, .03

The statement of the debt was as follows:-

Freshman debt, $150.00

Sophomore debt, 134.23



Paid on this amount, $237.79


Balance unpaid, $46.44

New debt incurred, $142.00