Fact and Rumor.

The Lampoon is out to-day at 4.30 p.m.

The '88 Chess Club is soon to play the University Club.

The price of board at Memorial the past month has been $3.99.

The Michigan Chronicle will print an illustrated Christmas number.

Canon Farrar delivered in all forty-one lectures while in this country.

Williams College has already subscribed $1,200 for the support of her ball nine next season.

An obscure member of '88 yesterday bid $2.00 on a $40.00 rug at the auction sale at Lyceum Hall.

The Princeton foot-ball team will be presented with trophies, in the shape of small gold foot-balls for watch guards.

An hour examination of the second and third sections in Latin B will be held in Sever 37 to-day at the usual recitation hour.

Only twenty dollars was collected from the freshman class of the Institute of Technology for their foot-ball eleven. - News.

The University of Pennsylvania oarsmen have begun work on the rowing machines under Ellis Ward. The class races will be rowed in eight-oared shells.

The class of '86 at Hobart College has recently suffered a severe loss by one third of its members having entered Oxford. The class now numbers two men.

Some New York graduates of Yale have presented Capt. Peters with a watch chain with an elaborate cameo fob as a testimonial of his efforts this fall.

The Yale News estimates Willard, Burgess, Peabody, Brooks, Fletcher, Faulkner, Holden and Porter, as the best foot-ball players remaining to Harvard next year.

Yale is hopeful of having a new gymnasium, as it is reported her alumni are raising a $100,000 fund for the purpose of building her the finest gymnasium in the world.

There has been recently published an exceedingly good directory of Cambridge, containing lists of streets, avenues, railroads, etc. The book is for sale at Amee's and the Co-op., and costs ten cents.

Co-education at Cornell: In speaking of the junior class in the university this year, the professor said: "The junior class will embrace seventeen young ladies." "It will?" exclaimed the young man addressed. "Great Scott! then I shall join the junior class." - Era.

By Yale's analysis of individual playing, we find that Yale this year made 366 points to her opponents 11. Of these, Beecher made 14 touch-downs, Peters and Corwin, 6 each. The rest of the men made about three each. Yale, '89, has made 172 points to her opponents 0.

The new administration of Cornell under President Adams, is markedly in favor of the elective system as in existence here. Electives in the two first years are to be allowed, in order that the work of final years may be chosen with more discretion than heretofore.

Candidates for the Yale crew have been working spasmodically during the fall term. Ex-Captain Flanders coaches them off and on. The names of the men are: Cowles, '86, (captain); Appleton, '86; Rogers, '87; Caldwell, '87; Middlebrook, '87; Hartridge, '87; Farrington, '86; S. Farrington, '88; Stevenson, '88; and Woodruff, '89. Peters has positively refused to sit in the boat again, and Paton has not yet appeared at the boat house. Captain Cowles finds the optional system a serious drawback to his getting the men out together and thus far not very satisfactory results have been attained. - Post.