Fact and Rumor.

Amherst and Dartmouth are to start dailies.

There will be an examination in Physics C on Friday.

There will be a recitation in Chemistry 1 this week.

There were cuts in Greek 5 and English 5 yesterday.

These will be an hour examination in Greek 5 on Friday.

President Adams of Cornell takes a well behaved dog to the lecture room.

The faculty of Wellesley will not allow the students to publish a paper.

It is suggested that part of the cuts which are given in English 5 be given to English 12.

Following are the numbers for the concert this evening. Schubert's Unfinished Symphony, B. Minor; St. Saens' piano forte Concerto, G. Minor, op. 22; Beethoven's Eroica Symphony. Soloist, Mr. Alex. Lambert.

Cornell is still exercised over Columbia's questioning the size of their freshman classes.

Mary Anderson will be seen next week in Pygmalion and Galatea, The Lady of Lyons, and As You Like It.

Photographs were placed in Amee's window yesterday, of the cups presented to Prof. Asa Gray recently.

The following are the Officers of the '87 Signet; president, Rich; secretary, Furber; treasurer, Hamilton; librarian, Rust.

Sophomore theme III will be returned to-day between 2 and 4.30 p. m. in Sever 5. Theme IV is due to-day: "A Description."

Prof. Shaler will address on Friday the men who take N. H. 4 as a full course, regarding their outside reading for the course.

Corwin, '87, was elected captain of the Yale eleven for 1886. He was one of the rushers this year, is a good, steady player, and is reported to be a strict disciplinarian.

The Harvard Union will debate the following question to-night: Resolved, "That Samuel J. Tilden is the rightful successor of Ulysses S. Grant." The principal disputants are: affirmative, H. Solloway, L. S., A. B. Robinson, '87; negative, L. B. Stedman, '87, French McAfee, S. S.

The mathematical seminar is held at 4 p. m. to-day, in U. 19. Mr. Lawton will lecture on the laws governing the intersection of curves in one plane. The subjects for general discussion are the following. 1. Series for determining the ratio 3,141392. 2. To circumscribe about a given quadrilateral the ellipse of a minimum. 3. A uniform chain hangs with its lower end just touching a horizontal, inelastic table. The chain is let fall. Prove that, at any instant, the pressure on the table is three times the weight of the coil already on the table.