Co-Operative Society.

We have been asked to print the following letter from Prof. Ames to the Co-operative society. The letter will explain itself, and is worthy the attention of all students, whether they belong to the society or not.

TO THE MEMBERS OF THE HARVARD CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY:-Gentlemen, In an editorial of the CRIMSON of today a plan was suggested, by which $600 should be raised by voluntary contributions to enable the society to continue its work through the year on a somewhat reduced scale of service and a greatly reduced scale of expenditure.

If the students are sufficiently interested in the society to raise that amount I will hold myself personally responsible to the society that its liabilities, which are now $1000, shall by June 25th, not exceed $200, and that the surplus of stock over liabilities shall not be less than $600. The society would then be in a far better condition than ever before.

Although I should consider the interruption of the society's business, a misfortune both to the students individually, and to the college, it is but right to add that this communication is in no sense an appeal for subscriptions. I wish simply to give to those who may be willing to subscribe, a definite assurance that the proposed contribution would fully accomplish its object.

Respectfully yours, J. B. AMES, President.