The Conference Meeting.


The preliminary conference meeting was held yesterday afternoon, in accordance with the summons of the faculty. At a few minutes past 4 o'clock, Professor Palmer called the delegates to order in the advanced French room, Sever 21. The full number were present; Professors Palmer, Shaler and James; Assistant-professor Croswell and Mr. Wendell: Carpenter, Halbert, Goodale and W. B Noble, for '85; Claflin, Huddleston, Merriam and R. D. Smith for '86 ; H . L . Clark, F. S. Coolidge, Herron, and H . E. Peabody, for '87, and Garrison, Lund, Pierce, and E. B. Thayer for '88 . The prime question for which the meeting was called , a definite plan of representation for permanent conferences , was not decided , although the men talked for nearly two hours , and it was thought best not to publish any of the debate on that subject until after the adjourned meeting , when something more definite will be made public . One thing , however , was done , which the meeting thought best should be published at once . It is the following resolution :

Resolved , That it is the sense of the meeting that in case the faculty decide not to grant any executive power to these conferences , it would still be desirable that they be held for deliberative purposes.

The meeting adjourned at about 6 o'clock until Monday .