Fact and Rumor.

Harrington is now a regular candidate for the senior crew.

Peters, Yale '86, has been elected captain of the eleven for 1885-86.

Mr. G. Droppers, C. S., was the first man to translate some of Schopenhauer's essays.

As the examination period draws to a close, the representation of Harvard men at the theatres increases.

Bassett, formerly 3d baseman of the Brown University nine, will play with the Providence League team this year.

The interior of Memorial Hall was photographed yesterday at lunch time, when there were about 500 men at table.

Two graduates of the Institute of Technology, won the second prize, $3,000, for designs for the new Boston Public Library.

President Porter of Yale said, in his speech at the dinner of the Yale Alumni of Boston, that the college authorities would soon build a new dormitory.

Hurd has been appointed captain of the Freshman tug-of-war team in place of Crocker who is incapacitated by his illness of last fall.

An under-graduate philosopher, it is said, is preparing an essay on the Nonreligious aspect of going to Chapel, to be submitted to the board of overseers.

A meeting of the New York State Inter-collegiate Base Ball Association was held last Friday. Six of the leading colleges of the state were represented at the meeting.

Technology students have made arrangements with certain leading business men in Boston by which holders of tickets issued to them by these firms get reduced prices on their purchases.

On Wednesday morning the dormitory of the Massachusetts Agricultural College at Amherst was burned out. Two valuable collections, and most of the furniture were saved. The building was of brick, built in 1867, and was valued at about $30,000.

Hamilton, '87, won the first of the prizes offered, under the name of the Old South prizes, for the best essays by recent graduates of the Boston High Schools. The subject of Mr. Hamilton's essay was "Why did the Pilgrim Fathers come to New England."

A specimen of a new kind of chestweight has been placed in the gymnasium. It has several advantages over those now in use. There is no wood about it, cast iron taking its place everywhere. There are two pulleys instead of one, the second one being placed on the top of the weight box. Thus the box moves only half as far at each motion, and there is no danger of its striking the top or bottom of the slide when in use. Having two pulleys and a shorter range, twice as great a weight can be used without any more effort than before.