EDITORS DAILY CRIMSON.- No student who has lived in the college yard the past few years, can fail to remember the jovial and kindly face of Mr. Fredriksen, familiarly known as "P. J." He had almost become one of the institutions of the college, so interested was he for the students, and desirous to do their work in the best possible manner. Besides working for them without sure promise of payment, very many known, by experience, how ready he was to help a man out of a tight place by lending money, and trusting to his honor, for re-payment.

Mr. Fredriksen was taken with pneumonia a few weeks since, lost his consciousness almost immediately, and died after an illness of ten days. He leaves behind him a wife and two young children, and for their future support, very little beyond the uncollected, and in many cases unrecorded debts of the students.

Mrs. Fredriksen, last August, while taking a trip to Plymouth on board the Stamford, was severely injured in the collision of the boat with another steamer. Her spine was seriously affected, and for two months, she was utterly helpless, and she is now a delicate invalid with no immediate, if even a distant prospect of being able to earn her living, and support her children.

In view of these facts, every student indebted to the late Mr. Fredriksen, whether on account of services rendered, or of money loaned, will see the necessity of discharging his indebtedness at once. The money may be sent to Mrs. P. J. Fredriksen, Washington Street, Somerville, Mass.