The Lacrosse team played their second practice match of the season on Saturday afternoon against the Cambridge men, and defeated them easily by a score of 4 goals to 0. Both teams were without some of the regular players, but the Harvard team apparently had the better reserve men with which to fill the vacancies. The ball was placed in position by referee Davis of Somerville, and faced by Hood and Hearn a few minutes after 5 P. M. The ball was immediately rushed to the Cambridge end of the field where it remained most of the time. Owing to the faulty attack system of Harvard at the beginning of the game, the homes were unable to score for many minutes, although repeated attempts were made to do so. Just seven minutes before the first half hour was up, Noyes made a shot for goal, which was blocked by the Cambridge goal keeper, but knocked through the flags by a faulty swipe of his own. No more goals were made before time was called.

In the second half hour, the Harvard offence began to play a more open game, whereby their superior passing and dodging gave them an immense advantage over their opponents. The result was immediately apparent. In five minutes Noyes had scored a second goal for Harvard, and in three minutes more, Nichols had made a third. Occasionally the ball approached the Harvard goal, but the steady defence play of our team prevented the Cambridge men from making more than one throw for goal, an easy rolling ball stopped by Abbot, and each time, the ball was quickly returned to the Cambridge end of the field. Many good shots were made at the Cambridge goal, but thanks to the good work of their goal tender, only once more went the ball between the flags, Blodgett and Noyes making the score, 4 to 0.

The Harvard team were Abbott, '87, goal; Williams, '85, (capt.) point; Goodale, '85, cover point; Gardner, '87, Nichols, L. S., and Sumner, '87, defence field; Hood, '86, centre; Dudley, '87, and Blodgett, '87, attack field; Noyes, '85, Woods, '85, and Twombly, L. S., homes.