GLEE CLUB.- A very important rehearsal this evening at 7.30. Every member must be present.

TUG OF WAR.- All men who weigh one hundred and fifty-five pounds or under, and who desire to train for the inter-collegiate tug of war team, are requested to be at the gymnasium on Monday, May 4th, at four o'clock.

C. P. CURTIS, JR.COLLEGE. MEETING. Meeting of the whole College in Holden Chapel at 7.30 for the purpose of considering what arrangements should be made towards the erection of a grand stand on Holmes Field.

PIERIAN GLEE CLUB.- The sale of tickets for the Pierian-Glee Club spring concert, on May 13, will begin on Monday morning, May 4th at Sever's. The hours 9-12, will be reserved for active and associate members of the society to secure tickets. At 12 the sale will be open to the public.