The Serenade to the Princeton Nine.


Early in the evening preparations began to be made for the reception and serenade which it is customary for Harvard to tender to the Princeton nine when it plays its first game in Cambridge. The yard between Mathews, Grays, and Weld was roped off, a precaution which enabled the few policemen to keep out the muckers more easily. Seats were arranged for ladies and escorts in the open space between Matthews and Weld.

At half past eight the serenade began with a song by the Glee Club, followed by pieces from the Brass Band. Soon colored lights were burning from dormitory windows, and at the four corners of the enclosed space; Roman candles were continually being set off, and for an hour and a half the yard presented a most beautiful appearance. The new foliage on the trees greatly enhanced the effect; the red and green light striking the under side of the leaves produced a most brilliant illumination. The Glee Club sang finely, the yoedels of Stuart meeting with especial favor; the band played with its usual zeal, and its selections were most heartily received. The Freshman Glee Club, too, came in for its share of favor.

Thanks to the excellent management, everything passed off splendidly, and a more enjoyable time could scarcely be imagined. The request of Manager Claflin in regard to crackers and rockets was strictly obeyed, the sound of but one bunch of crackers being heard during the entire evening.

After giving three times three cheers for the members of the nine, the immense crowd quietly dispersed at about ten o'clock.