EDITORS DAILY CRIMSON. - I wish to call the attention of the proctors to a few practical matters connected with the examinations. Let each man of you make sure, the day before the examinations begin, that both his shoes are quite free from squeak. If there is the least suspicion that the soles are stiff-jointed, pray soak them every night in oil or water, so that your presence in the room next morning may be as unsubstantial as possible.

Secondly, restrain your inclination to converse with your co-warders, and keep as rigidly silent as we poor devils are forced to be. We fully appreciate that the vast ideas you get from the psychological study afforded by scores of wrinkled brows and bent forms; but we beg of you to endure your thoughts until the examination is done, and then you may freely unburden your minds. If ludicrous things happen, laugh inside and look serious; your ribs will benefit by the practice.

Finally, avoid unnecessary promenading. Limit yourselves to your beats as we are limited to our seats, and depend more on vigilance of eye than on pedestrian awfulness. Do not continually pass between us and the windows; and please, please, sweet proctors, hang over our shoulders as little as possible. Don't stand, like the Devil, behind our backs, but pose in the foreground that we may be constantly encouraged by your inspiring presence.