Fact and Rumor.

Recitations will close to-day.

Yale has now two freshman debating societies.

There will be no mid-year in Mathematics 4.

The Sheffield freshmen have decided on a class cane.

The Acta Columbiana devotes half a column to our marking system.

Mr. Amos Cotting, '88, has been obliged to leave college.

Lynch of the Mets is going to coach the Princeton college team.

The new gymnasium in connection with Father Scully's church will soon be ready for occupation.

Mr. Hart will meet his course in History 13 to-day, at 4 p.m., in Mass. 3, to discuss the synopsis of the course.

Ward, who graduated from the Columbia Law School last spring, has been reappointed captain of the New Yorks.

Ford, 'Princeton, '89, is being trained to catch Bickham. He was first substituted on the 'varsity eleven last fall.

A certain freshman was heard to ask the name of a man who roomed "in the Bursar's house" meaning Wadsworth.

In Friday's issue, there will be a detailed criticism of the senior crew. This will be the first of a series of articles on athletics.

It was announced yesterday in History that the students were not expected to commit the 100 pages of the outline by heart.

"Next Thursday will be a day of prayer. Services will be held at No. 5 University Hall." . . . . Brown University notes in the Advertiser.

The candidates for the freshman nine are pulling chest-weights and playing hand-ball regularly. The candidates for pitcher begin practice this week.