The second game between Harvard and Tufts was played yesterday afternoon on Jarvis Field before a moderately large audience. Harvard started with the score of the last game, 82 points to nothing for a precedent, and with a few changes among the players. Game was called by the referee at 4.05 and the men began with brisk work on both sides. Tufts, however, could not keep it up long, and within five minutes the ball was contested close down at their goal line. They tried hard to get a chance to work back by means of a long kick, but the kicks were not long ones, and the ball came back quickly to the 10-yard line. Soon Harvard dropped on it and had a down. Fletcher immediately passed it out and Slade secured a touchdown at 4.15. Between this and 4.45, three more touchdowns were made, the ball hardly going outside the twenty five yard line. From the last, Brooks got a goal.

At 4.30 Harvard scored another touchdown and Brooks kicked this goal. The ball then came to the middle of the field and was rushed by Tufts down to their opponents goal. Peabody, however, soon started it back, and it was soon inside Tufts' 25-yard line again. Then came a fight of ten minutes, in which our men did the poorest playing of the game. Ames, the left half-back of the Tufts team runs low, and it is astonishing how the high tackling of our men showed itself when they attempted to stop him. During this ten minutes Ames went under half a dozen Harvard men; that is, if he had stood up straight, those half dozen would have caught him just below his shoulders, and not one would have got under his thrust.

At 4.45 there was another touch-down added to the score, and a minute later another. One goal from these made the score at the close of the first three-quarters, 34 points for Harvard to nothing for Tufts.

The second half of the game was opened by an extraordinary run by Boyden, L. S., from the kick off directly down to the goal line, and in a few seconds after he scored a touchdown. Through the whole game Boyden's playing was of this sort, and was certainly as good, if not better, than any playing on the field this year.

For the rest of the game Porter played in Boyden's place, and Boyden took Fletcher's. The ball was kept in Tuft's 25-yard line nearly all the time, and Harvard's play was characterized by its dropping the ball several times. Porter scored a touchdown from which Brooks got a goal; and with a safety by the Tufts the score reached 46 points. At 5.20 the referee called game on account of the growing darkness.