Fact and Rumor.

There are over one hundred men at Yale in the gymnasium classes.

Mr. C. R. Bolton, '90, has a poem in the November umber of the Brooklyn Magazine.

The average weight of the Princeton foot-ball team is 170 lbs., that of Harvard, 167 lbs., and of Yale. 162 lbs.

The Amherst Lit offers prizes of $20 for the best story, $15 for the best poem, and $15 for the best essay.


The rumor to the effect that Trinity is forbidden to play foot-ball with Wesleyan, Yale or Princeton is untrue.

In English 12 yesterday Mr. Wendell read a theme from an Annex girl which he considered remarkably good.


Lynch, of the Metropolitans, of Staten Island, will train the Princeton base-ball team this winter.

An attempt is being made to have the Yale-Princeton game on Thanksgiving Day played at Staten Island.

Table 55 defeated table 35 in a well contested game of foot-ball on Jarvis Field yesterday by the score of 14 to 12.

The fifth ten of the institute of 1770 is as follows: Isham, Hathaway, D. H. Clark, Prescott, Wright, Henshaw, Wetmore, Manly, Bush, A. K. K. Mackay.

The new regulations are now in press but it is not definitely known when they will be out. It is said that many important changes have been made.

There is a complaint in the last Williams Fortnight that there is at present a state of literary stagnation in the college.

The prices of admission to the Greek play, to be given in New York, Nov. 19, are: Reserved seats, $3 and $2, general admission, $1.

The interest in foot-ball is to be revived at Columbia. The "Ax and Coffin," a senior secret society, has also been revived after a sleep of eighteen years. - Princetonian.

Prints of the college as seen at two different periods of its existence may be had at Sever's for the moderate price of 25 cents.

The Princeton Glee Club will make its annual trip during the Christmas vacation, starting at Pittsburg the Monday night after Christmas.