Meeting of the Conference Committee.

The meeting of the Conference Committee, held yesterday afternoon, was called to order by Professor Palmer. In addition to the regular members of the Committee, Prof. Macyane and Mr. H. LaMonte, '86 were present as being qualified to express opinions on the question to be debated.

Prof. Shaler, representing a special committee of the faculty, opened the discussion by submitting a report outlining the presentation of the subject of cheating in examinations and theme work. The outline had been prepared by Prof. Shaler and Messrs. Merriam, Coolidge, and Adams the drafting committee appointed for that purpose. The first topic presented was in regard to article number twenty-six of the printed rules and regulations of the college. It was voted unanimously that the Conference Committee recommend that this article be stricken out. It reads as follows: "Any student detected in using unauthorized books or papers at an examination, or having any such in the examination room, or in communicating with any student during an examination without the express permission of the instructor, shall be suspended or otherwise punished at the discretion of the faculty."

An interesting discussion followed on the nature of the penalty of cribbing or cheating, which terminated in a second recommendation to the effect that the penalty of cheating of any description in examinations or in themes, be separation from the college. This was passed by a unanimous vote.

There were two other topics included in the report of the drafting committee, which will open the discussion of the proper way to judge cases of cheating and of giving decision on then. As the hour was quite late, those topics were postponed until the next meeting which will be held on next Wednesday. In addition to these subjects a report from a drafting committee will be submitted, guiding discussion on the advisability of recommending the introduction of a course in elementary law. Prof. Palmer, Mr. Wendell, Messrs. Furber, Vogel and Garrison will act on this committee.