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Fact and Rumor.


George T. Burrows, L. S., has left college.

Marks are out in English 2. Only two men received "As."

The Eton and Harrow cricket match takes place on July 11.

The annual Exeter-Andover base ball game will be played at Andover this year.

Albert Lee, '91, has been elected chairman of the Yale Lit board for the ensuing year.

The Henley regatta will take place on July 8th, 9th, 10th. The Marlow regatta comes on July 12.

Captain Poe has forty-eight men in training for next fall's football eleven at Princeton.

Messrs. J. J. Storrow, '85, and W. A. Brooks, '87, were out to see the crew row yesterday.

It is said that Professor Keener of the Law School will fill a chair at Columbia next year.

The Princeton Glee club will give a concert in New York on the fifteenth of this month.

A few Harvard men will go down to New Haven today to see the Yale and Second Regiment games.

Mr. Keyses has not been coaching the crew for a week. He expected to be back yesterday but was disappointed.

A. T. Dudley, '89, instructor at Phillips Exeter Academy, will be married in June to Miss Perry of Exeter.

As soon as the 'varsity crew goes on the water, a large number of the extra candidates will probably go back to their class crews.

Spectators are not allowed in the rowing room on account of the confusion they unavoidably make, and because they use up the air so that it is harder on the men.

G. R. Patterson, who had the best batting average during the European trip of the American cricket team last summer will play on the University of Pennsylvanta eleven this season.

B. T. Tilton, '90, rowed on the crew yesterday, first at No. 6 and afterward at No. 2. He rowed at 6 in his freshman crew, number 4 in the university crew of '88, and number 6 on the '89 university crew.

Rev. Wm. Lawrence will hold hold a Bible class on Sundays in March at Grays 17, from 2.05 to 3 p. m. Subject, "The Bible in Relation to Modern Thought." All students interested are cordially invited.

Captain Linn met the captainst of the ball nines of the Interscholastic Athletic Association last night at the B. A. A. building. The school teams will play under the rules governing Yale and Harvard games.

Princeton's tug-of-war team will be made up as follows: Granger, '93, anchor; Black, '91, No. 3; Wurtz, '93, No. 2; Church, '91, No. 1. The team is chosen from the two teams which have been pulling against each other for some time.

It is probable that the joint athletic meeting of the Yale Athletic Association and the Second Regiment, C. N. G., which occurs this evening, will be the last of this character. The officers of the regiment intend to run the meeting alone hereafter.

J. P. Hutchinson, '90, who rowed number 7 on the 'varsity crew last year expects to begin training in a short time. On account of the death of his father he was absent from college some months during the winter, so that his press of back work is a serious obstacle in the way of rowing.

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