The Boylston Prize Speaking.

A larger audience attended the Boylston Prize Speaking in Sanders Theatre last evening, than we have ever seen at any previous competition.

The speaking was good as a rule; a certain monotony of tone, however, characterized most of the speakers, and some of the best work showed too much careful the previous training of the declaimers. The gesticulation, on the whole, was crude, but in some cases it was remarkable rather for its finish than for its aptness. The carriage of the majority of speakers on the platform, evidenced a serious lack of ease. The movements that were made were too often jerky. At times the stiffness of the whole action of the speaker detracted seriously from the spontaneity of the rendering. The competition, as a whole, was superior to that of last year, and equalled any that has been held during the past few years. The good effects of the work of Mr. Jones was noticeable in the dignified bearing and gentlemanly action of every competitor.

The following acted as judges: Dr. McKenzie, Mr. F. W. Waterhouse, Prof. Seaver, Roger Wolcott, L. B. R. Briggs, Rev. Dr. Johnson, Prof. Torrey, Mr. E. Cummings, Mr. S. E. Elliot.

The following are the names of the successful competitors:

First Prizes. Irvah Lester Winter, '86, of Worcester, and Franklin Elmer Ellsworth Hamilton, '87, of Somerville.

Second Prizes. Herbert Bacon Hutchins, '86, of Brooklyn, N. Y., George Santayana, '86, of Roxbury; and Wilton Lincoln Currier, '87, of Jamaica Plain.