Fact and Rumor.

All special notices must now be given to Leavitt & Peirce. No notices to be inserted more than one day will be received after 7.30 p.m.

The next Union debate will be held on Thursday next, instead of on Saturday. as was reported. The annual election of officers will then take place.

During a recent botanical expedition which Professor Dudley made through Pennsylvania, he found three specimens of plants that had never been found in that state before.

There are now over two hundred toboggans at the Corey Hill club house. The chute of the slide is about 1400 feet long, but when in good condition the toboggans go way beyond that distance.

Percy Bolton. Yale S. S. '86, will have full control of the training of the Yale 'varsity crew after the 1st of April. It was he who selected the material for last year's freshman crew and trained it.

In the Yale letter to the Boston Sunday Herald, the old chestnut is again brought forth that the material for the 'varsity nine is exceedingly poor, that there are only two good all-round players in college, etc., ad infinitum.


Bobby Winston, who for the past two years has trained Yale's track men so successfully, and cared for the base-ball and foot-ball men, is now on his way to Port Townsend, Washington territory. He goes there to superintend the fitting of a gymnasium and the laying out of base-ball and lawn tennis grounds.

It is very likely that a new set of buildings to be used as dormitories will be erected on Boylston Street, opposite the Reed Building. They are to have all the newest steam heating appliances and a bath room with hot and cold water attached to each set of rooms.

There is material in the University for a gun club that would be invincible against other college teams. There is considerable talk about challenging the Harvard club. It is suggested that a match might be arranged to be shot by telegraph. - Cornell Sun.

Prof. Edward Oakley, LL. D., the eminent mathematician, was found dead in his bed Sunday morning from heart disease. He was the author of numerous and generally used works on mathematics. For the last thirty years he has been professor of mathematics in the University of Michigan.

Until 1786 the students at both Yale and Harvard were ranked entirely according to social standing. Such rank-lists of the classes were posted in the buttery at the beginning of the freshman year and were waited for expectantly. Yale was the first to abolish this vicious system of ranking for that of alphabetical order. Harvard followed in her wake five years later.

It is very probable that Exeter Academy will add another toboggan slide to the already long list of those existing in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. It is proposed to organize a club of one hundred members with a membership fee of $4.00; non-members shall be obliged to pay for admission or can obtain season tickets at rates to be hereafter decided on.

It is announced that the "Les Trappeurs" club of Montreal will visit Boston on the 1st of February and among other things will devote considerable ime to the inspection of the Hemenway gymnasium. The club comprises between three and four hundred members and will be accompanied by the Mayor of Montreal. While in Boston, they will give an exhibition in some hall of such sports as are popular in their section of Canada.