Special Notices.

Tutoring in Pol. Econ. Hand Philosophy II. R. H. Fuller, 66 Thayer.

27Tutoring in Political Economy 4 and Chemistry A. B. G. Davis, '85, 29 Hollis.

21Tutoring in Greek, French and Latin. F. D. Kalopothakes, 18 Stoughton.

30Tutoring in History XIII by Geo. P. Furber, 63 Thayer.

29A book has been placed at Bartlett's for the signatures of any who wish to buy a translation of Peter Schlemihl, neatly bound, illustrated by Cruikshank, and an addition to any library. Price $3.00. Supply is limited to ten.

31Tutoring in Math. C, D, and E. Augustus S. Haskell 22 Hollis.

23German A. I shall translate La Rabbiata and first act, Der Neffe als Okel Jan. 26, at 7.30. Stoughton 10. Tutoring German I, & II, Chemistry A. C. H. Moore.