Intercollegiate Tennis Tournament.


Harvard sends as her representative in the Intercollegiate Tennis Tournament this year, Messrs. P. S. Sears, '89, the college champion, and Q. A. Shaw, '91, with D. K. Snow, '88, and T. S. Tailer, '89. College champions in the double entries from other colleges are as follows: V. G. Hall and O. S. Cambell, Columbia; Knapp, Thatcher and Hurd, of Yale; Paddock, Wright and Brinley, Trinity; Duryea, Williams, and others. Our representatives are in splendid condition and in the doubles will play well together. Brinley at present holds the Intercollegiate championship in the singles, and Thatcher and Knapp in the doubles. The drawings for the first round are as follows:

Singles-Preliminary round: No. 1, A. E. Wright, Trinity, vs. A. Duryea, Williams: No. 2, C. H. Ludington, Jr., Yale, vs. S. V. Coffin, Wesleyan: No. 3, S. C. Brooks, Amherst, vs. R. H. E. Porter, Lehigh.

First round-V. G. Hale, Columbia, vs. winner of No. 1; Hovey, Brown, vs. winner of No. 2; Shaw, Harvard, vs. winner of No. 3; M. W. Comstock, Williams, vs. A. Thompson, University of Pennsylvania; W. L. Thatcher, Yale, vs. G. M. Brinley, Trinity; W. K. Gillett, Lehigh, vs. W. E. Davidson, Amherst; J. Patterson, University of Pennsylvania, vs. O. S. Campbell, Columbia; P. S. Sears, Harvard, vs. W. E. Weeden, Brown.

Doubles-Preliminary round: No. 1, Hovey and partner of Brown, vs. Post and Stevens of Columbia; No. 2, Thomson and Henry; University of Pennsylvania, vs. Sears and Shaw of Harvard; Duryea and Comstock of Williams vs. Scott and Patterson of the University of Pennsylvania; Weeden and partner of Brown vs. Snow and Tailer of Harvard; Porter and Gillett of Legigh vs. Ludington and Hurd of Yale; Hall and Campbell of Columbia vs. Paddock and Wright of Trinity.

First round-Thatcher and Shipman of Yale vs. the winner of No. 1; Davidson and Brooks of Amherst vs. the winner of No. 2.