Dr. Ayers wishes to meet students in N. H. 6 at 9 o'clock Wednesday morning.

H. A. A.-There will be a meeting of the Harvard Athletic Association to-night in Holden Chapel at 8 o'clock.

T. G. BALCH, Treasuer.Candidates for the freshman eleven meet to-day in the gymnasium at 3 o'clock sharp, with gymnasium slippers.

R. J. CLARK, Captain.Bicycle Club.-There will be a meeting this evening at 8 o'clock, at 20 Prescott street, Room 5. New members may join at this meeting.

R. S. BALDWIN.Dr. Sargent cannot examine the football men this morning. All who play against Technology must be examined before the end of the week.

W. D. BANCROFT.Candidates for the freshman crew will meet in the gymnasium at 4 o'clock this afternoon dressed in knickerbockers and sweaters.

H. R. BISHOP, JR., Captain.Harvard Shooting Club-Annual meeting and election of officers in Holden Chapel, Wednesday, October 12, at 7.15 p. m. All those intending to join are invited to be present.

CARLETON GREENE, Secretary.The following men will please be at the gymnasium, dressed, at 2 o'clock sharp to play Technology: Bancroft, captain, Appleton, Trafford, Horn, Brainard, Bradlee, Slocum, Nicholls, Perry, Hunnewell, Griffing, H gginson, Clement, J. M. Smith, R. F. Perkins.