The Second Symphony Concert.

Sanders was filled to overflowing last evening, the occasion being the second symphony concert. The program was less interesting than that of the first concert and was as follows: Schulman-Overture (Genevieve); Bruch-Aria from Achilleus; Haendel-Wasser-Musik; Grieg-The Old Song; Schubert-the Young Nun (songs with piano); Dvorak-Symphony No. 2.

Mr. Boscovitz was announced as the soloist of the evening but was ill, and Miss Gertrude Edmands was substituted. She sang the Bruch aria in a dramatic and finished manner, but her voice is not of a pleasing quality and is not powerful. The Grieg song showed off her voice to the best advantage. The accompanist evidently was laboring under the impression that he was the soloist of the evening.

The most enjoyable number on the program was the Wasser-Musik of Haendel. In this the duos, first of Messrs. Kneisel and Loeffler, then of the two oboes and finally of the bassoons were splendidly rendered. The French horns, however, did not do as well.

We are not capable of saying much about the Dvorak symphony. At the end of several of the tough passages the violins would look at each other in mute congratulation that they had come out even. However, it is a grand composition and deserves our admiration even if we cannot understand some parts of it.