Fact and Rumor.

A Chicago Club has been formed at Yale.

There is a flourishing reading room at Tufts.

The Glee Club gave a concert at Bradford last night.

There are sixty-five entries for the Yale winter meeting.

John L. Sullivan is shortly to be measured by Dr. Sargent.

Friday's Princetonian contained an article on the Harvard seal.

The second number of W. D. Howells' "Harvard" novel is out.

Prof. Dexter of Yale is writing a new history of the American continent.

The Princeton Glee and Banjo clubs will give a concert in New York in a few weeks.

The Delta Upsilon Society of Tufts College are discussing the desirability of forming a chapter library.

Leyden University, in Holland, is the richest in the world. Its real estate alone is said to be worth $4,000,000.

The Gun Club of the University of Pennsylvania has accepted the challenge from the Harvard Shooting Club.

The fourth annual dinner of the Phillips Exeter Academy alumni was held on Saturday night at the Hoffman House in New York.

During the past few days there have been several communications in the Yale News advising Columbia's being admitted into the new league. - Princetonian.

The Yale Courant in an editorial contrasts the tasty uniforms of the Harvard and Princeton teams with the dark and dingy uniforms of the Yale crew and nine.

There will be a meeting of the Photograph Society this evening at 7.30, in 9 Weld. It is earnestly requested that as many as possible be present, as important business will be transacted.

One of the numerous type-setters on THE CRIMSON printing staff has been ordered out with militia Company B of Col. Bancroft's regiment. He is now in camp bravely awaiting further developments of the strike,

A petition was circulated by the students of Tufts College, asking that Monday, the 21st, be given in addition to Tuesday, a regular holiday. We at Harvard would be happy if we could persuade the faculty to grant us Tuesday alone.

Prof. Chaplin has kindly offered to allow the students in History 13 to use one of the rooms in the Lawrence Scientific School in preparing their maps and charts, as the room devoted to this purpose in Massachusetts is not large enough to accommodate the whole section.

Cornell, as well as every college in the Inter-collegiate A. A., has received an invitation to send a tug o' war team to the games of the Seventh Regiment, to be held at their armory on April 9th. Entries will be open till March 29th. It is not expected that the Harvard team will pull. - Cornell Sun. Then go ahead, Cornell!