Special Notices.

N. H. 2 and Chemistry A. Tutoring in these courses by Daniel Costello, '87, 15 College House.

60Freshman Chemistry. Seminar at 7 Stoughton, Tuesday evening February 8, at 7 o'clock. Terms, $2. Please send in names at once.

61Chem. A. Seminar, Monday, Feb. 7, 7 p.m., by a graduate of special experience. Those wishing to attend please send in names. Also tutoring in Chem. A., Math. D. and A. and N. H. 2. Call or address, "Graduate" 15 College House.

44$50 Reward. The above reward will be paid to any one who has clothes soiled or stained if I fail to remove the same, (provided the stain is not from any kind of acid). J. F. Noera, 436 Harvard Street.

1I shall give a thorough review of F. A. 3, with synopsis and questions Wednesday evening at 7.30. Also of History I. Thursday evening. Tutoring in Chem. A. W. J. Bowen, 32 Hollis.