Fact and Rumor.

The beer-night of the Pierian Sodality last evening was a great success.

Rev. Philip S. Moxon will preach in Appleton Chapel to-morrow evening.

The annual income of Oxford University is said to be one million dollars.

The University of Michigan will celebrate its fiftieth aniversary this spring.

The candidates for the 'Varsity crew went on a long walk Thursday afternoon.

The Columbiad, published annually by the juniors of Columbia, appeared last week.

Mr. R. B. Mahany, '88, attended the recent Psi Upsilon Convention in New York.

E. Sturgis and Crehore have been appointed stewards of the H. A. A. from the class of ninety.

The Pierian Sodality gave a concert last evening in aid of the combined strikers and strikees.

After the rehearsal last evening the Pierian Sodality gave a very enjoyable open-air concert in the Yard.

At present, Bishop, the mind reader, is the principal attraction for seekers of amusement at New Haven.

This morning the first lecture on Alexander Pope will be given to the freshman class by Professor Hill.

The annual "bowl fight" between the sophomores and freshmen at the University of Pennsylvania will not be held this year.

There are over forty candidates for the Yale Mott Haven team, including three winners of first prizes last year.

Prof. H. H. Boyeson of Columbia, in a recent lecture, pronounced Shelley pre-eminently the poet of desire and idealism.

Several games of base-ball have already been played in New Orleans under the new rules, and much dissatisfaction is found with them. - Ex.