There will be a meeting of the '88 members of the Historical Society this evening at 7 o'clock at 32 Hilton.

FRESHMAN GLEE CLUB. - Important rehearsal this afternoon at 4.30 in Lyceum Hall. All must be present.

LOST - On Saturday evening in or near college yard a gold watch chain. Finder will be suitably rewarded by returning same to janitor of Beck Hall.

H. P. C. - There will be a meeting of the club this evening at the Brattle street rooms at 7.30.


F. G. BALCH, Sec'y.HARVARD ART CLUB. - A dinner will be held at Yonng's Hotel on Tuesday evening, May 24. The price per plate will be $2, and all members are requested to sign the book now at Bartlett's.

CONFERENCE FRANCAISE. - Meeting this evening at 7.30, at the place mentioned on the cards. Prof. Bocher will read "Le Bonhomme Misere," by Ch. Narrey.


F. D. KALOPOTHAKES.PIERIAN SODALITY. - Rehearsal to-night; strings at 7.15, sharp; full orchestra at 7.30. Every member must be present if he wishes to play in the concert. The rule about absentees will be strictly enforced.

B. CARPENTER, Sec.H. L. A. - All who have subscribed for the lacrosse team are earnestly requested to pay as soon as possible. Shingles can be obtained of me at 12 Holyoke House from 10 to 11, and 2 to 3 every day this week.

H. PAGE, Manager.CLASS OF '87. - The gentlemen who have made sittings for their class pictures, and have not selected their proofs, are notified that, unless they do so at once, the committee will make selection for them.

FRANK H. SELLERS,Chairman Pho. Com.BOYLSTON CHEMICAL CLUB. - Photographs to be taken at 1.30, sharp, to-day (Tuesday) on the steps of Boylston. All must be present. Promptness is earnestly requested.

THEO. W. RICHARDS,Secretary.HASTY PUDDING CLUB. - All members who intend to spread with the club on Class Day, June 24, will please send their names to 22 Weld Hall immediately, as it is important to know how many must be provided for. Members will please give this attention.

All unsold tickets to the Glee Club-Pierian concert in the possession of members of either club must be returned to Sever's to-day before 3 o'clock, otherwise the members will be held responsible for them.

G. A. MORRISON, Prest.